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Amor Hakkar
Guió:Amor Hakkar
Cinematografia: Nicolas Roche
So: Kamel Mekesseur
Música: Fayçal Sahli, Joseph Macera, Aurélien Dudon, Basile Ntsika
Intèrprets: Aya Hamdi, Amor Hakkar, Tounés Ait-Ali
Edició: Amor Hakkar, Lyonnel Garnier
Producció: Sarah Films
Distribució Sarah Films

País: Algeria / France
Any: 2007
Format: Color_35 mm
87 minuts
Idioma Original: Àrabs/Berber - Subtítols: Català
Aya, is a twelve-year-old girl. She’s digging an arid patch of land. A police car is coming close. One of the policemen hands her a letter that informs her that her older brother, who was doing his duty in the police, has died in an accident. Mouloud, their father, is a simple farmer from the Aurès area. He jumps on to his tricycle and, defying all the bans, dashes to collect his son’s body. Fatima, the mother, is in a deep sadness. Will this father, very affected and helped by his daughter Aya, make his wife and children smile again?
Amor Hakkar was born in 1958, in the Aurés area, in Algeria. He moved to France in his early childhood.He studied Sciences and then discovered his passion for the cinema. He made a short film before directing his first feature "Bad Luck for a Young Lout" (Sale temps pour un Voyou).In 2002, he returned in Aurés for a short stay. Back to France, he wrote the script of "The Yellow House". Today, he is preparing a feature film "A Few Days of Rest".


2007The Yellow House(Feature)
2002Timgad, life in the heart of Aurés (Documentary)
1992Bad Luck for a Young Lout (Feature)


- Milano Festival Cinema Africano d’Asia e America Latina (April 2008)Best African Feature Film Award
- Tiburon International Film Festival (March 2008) – USA. Best FilmAward
- Mulhouse Cinebelair Festival(February 2008)– France. Public Prize
- Dubai International Film Festival (December 2007) – UAE. Arab films competition
- International Francophone Film Festival of Tübingen / Stuttgart (November 2007) – Germany
- Cairo International Film Festival (November 2007) – Egypt
- Leeds International Film Festival (November 2007) – UK
- Arte Mar Festival of Bastia (November 2007) – France
- Pusan International Film Festival (October 2007) – South Korea
- Festival Nouveau Cinema of Montreal (October 2007) – Canada
- Montpellier International Festival of Mediterranean Film (October 2007) – France Prize for technical Support GTC
- Valencia International Film Festival (October 2007) – Spain. Golden Palm, Best Music Award
- São Paulo International Film Festival (October 2007) – Brazil
- Namur International Francophone Film Festival (September 2007) – Belgium
- Locarno International Film Festival (August 2007) – Switzerland. Award of Ecumenical Jury, Don Quichotte Award
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